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ImageNow, I’ve heard of this movie here and there over the last several months, but since I live in Iowa and independent movies (or limited release) don’t really come out where I live, I had to wait until this came to DVD. Netflix read my mind, because today I found it in my Recommended For You section. Thanks, Netflix!

The movie follows three single girls played by Kirsten Dunst (Interview with A Vampire, Bring  It On), Lizzy Kaplan (Mean Girls, Hot Tub Time Machine) and Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Confessions of A Shopaholic) as they scurry about trying to fix their friends wedding dress the night before her wedding (played by Rebel Wilson). 

On the outside, it looked like a light-hearted comedy. Something to just watch, giggle a bit, and then whatever. No. It’s a dark, dark comedy. All three of the girls seem to have a love-hate relationship with Becky (the bride). Nice to her face, but total shits behind her back calling her fat, pig face, and not believing that someone “like her” could ever marry such a successful and handsome man. It was a reminder of how much I really do hate girls. 

At its core, however, the movie is really about relationships. Jenna (Lizzy Kaplan) is petrified knowing that her middle school/high school boyfriend is going to be at the wedding, as she still has feelings for him. Katie (Isla Fisher) is single, thinks of herself as dumb, but ends up finding a guy who likes her for her. And Reagan (Kirsten Dunst) plays the uber power bitch maid of honor who cheats on her boyfriend with the ever delicious James Marsden. These girls are so beyond messed up psychologically that I find it more depressing than funny. The Hangover was a thousand times better. Sorry, ladies!

However, the shining light was Lizzy Kaplan. She’s crude, says what’s on her mind, and is heavily neurotic, but it works. I found myself hating her at first, but then you slowly start to like her more and more. Especially when she and her ex expose the secret of why they broke up in the first place. 

In the end, I’m glad I didn’t pay movie ticket prices (and snacks) to see this in theaters. Seeing it for free makes me feel like I didn’t waste all my money on something that I felt luke warm about. So, if you do have Netflix, watch it if you can’t find anything else. Otherwise, stick to The Hangover to feed the need of watching a movie that is about 24hrs of wedding related partying. 


Starring: Lizzy Kaplan, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Scott, James Marsden, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, and those two dudes from that canceled TV show “Perfect Couples”.

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