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Injustice: Gods Among us is slated to release here very soon. April 16th, in fact. Now, yes. I am a huge fan of Batman. Yes, he is going to be featured in the game. HOWEVER, I haven’t taken too much time to read up on, or watch videos on, this game. Why? Excitement, maybe? Like I’ve mentioned before with Assassin’s Creed, when I’m excited for a game, I try not to get caught up in the hub-bub about it. Mostly for wait time, yes, but also for the fact that I don’t want to be ultimately disappointed.

Or, maybe I’m just getting old an cynical. Who the fuck knows. Anyways, Injustice is a little bit like a Mortal Kombat, but with superheros, much better graphics,better plot, movie-like sequences. Wait, so maybe it’s not totally like it in the end. On the outside, when first reading on today’s subject, that’s the feel that I was getting from the game, but Urbano’s interview has proved me wrong on my¬†preconceived ideas.

In a recent interview with Rev3Games on YouTube, NetherRealm’s Adam Urbano sat down with Rev3Games journalist Max Scoville to discuss the game. “We wanted to make this as film-like as possible,” says Urbano. “Even the game menu itself is made to look like a Blu-Ray movie.”

This statement alone makes my insides quiver with excitement. Most fighting games, at least in my opinion, are pretty lackluster in plot, some graphics and all around feel. Even the latest Mortal Kombat game that came out not that long ago failed to really impress me. I think I played for all of 30 minutes before tossing my remote aside and sputtering out a “Fuck you very much.” This game seems to be opening a new bag of treats for gaming fans. Especially those who go gaga for DC Comics.

Thankfully, you won’t have to stick to just one character throughout the campaign mode. Although I’m foaming at the mouth to play the Dark Knight, I want to try out the other characters that the game has to offer. Urbano states that you, the player, have the chance to try out all the different characters as you play. Then there’s the incorporation of StarLabs. There are 240 missions – 10 missions per character. Urbano says that ¬†it gave them a chance to go “crazy” and extend the single player.

Multiplayer is sometimes a hit or miss with games. It works well with games such as Call of Duty & Halo, but can be a total miss with others like Tomb Raider (yes, the latest installment. Don’t get me wrong, I love the single player…but really? Unnecessary!!) With Injustice, it seems that multiplayer will be worthy, & we’re going to get some extra fun out of it. He says that with King of the Hill, for example, you can place wagers. Who’s going to win? Bet on it! By winning, you will gain experience points. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you a slight gambling problem. But, that’s worst-case scenario.

After doing some reading up on the game and widening my knowledge base on it, I’m psyched to try it out & bring you a review. And, of course, brag about kicking Michael’s butt at it.

‘Til next time. Play on, Players.

BELOW: Rev3Games interview with NetherRealm’s Adam Urbano


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