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So remember that article that I wrote sometime way back when on the LUSH Herbalism face wash? Well, I stopped using it only because it was a pain in the ass to get out of the pot and not manage to get water INTO it when showering, and the weird off-putting smell was finally getting to me.

So the last year or so, I was back on the over-the-counter bullshit promise of Neutrogena. Clear skin! Be fresh! Be beautiful? You know what? No. Fuck you, Neutrogena. You did nothing but give me dry patches and clogged pores.

I had heard about DevonneByDemi because, well, Demi Lovato – songstress extraordinare – makes the product. I know, I know. Another celebrity hocking some bullshit product that promises whatever-the-hell. But let me tell you, this is different. This is actually GOOD!

Since the website was having a sale due to the holidays, I decided to buy this online. I don’t have terrible acne, but it’s annoying enough. I was fortunate enough in high school to not suffer from heavy acne. But as an adult, it’s been more than annoying to me. I break out mainly on my chin, sometimes on my forehead and every once in a while on my nose. Nothing too scary, thankfully. I did some research into other reviews, watched some YouTube videos and the like before finally deciding that this could possibly work for me. I get oily in my T-zone, but not to the point of being able to scrape it off and use it as fuel for my car. I’m dryer on my cheeks, I have uneven skin tone and can sometimes be blotchy.

It took about a week and a half before I finally got my package. Mine came with a a bonus gift. A purple heart-shaped facial sponge which I love and use every time I wash my face at night to get all my makeup off. I ended up purchasing just the basic package. Face wash, hydrating mist and the 2-in-1 moisturizing primer.

DevonneByDemi says that their product smells like lemon, but honestly? It smells like cake batter to me. Like Funfetti cake batter, and I am NOT complaining one bit. I like cake. If you don’t like cake, get the hell out of my life.

I have been using the product for almost a month and I have definitely seen a change. In fact, I could see the change (& feel it) almost immediately. On my first try, it removed every single bit of makeup lingering on my face. After using each product in its designed order, my face felt softer, slightly firmer yet bouncier at the same time. The rudeness in my cheeks wasn’t as prominent.

After the first two weeks, I had the inevitable “my skin is detoxifying by finally pushing out the last of the bad crap” breakout. This is bound to happen with any skincare routine you do. You’re skin is conforming and finally giving in to what you’re putting it through to make it good again. However, after a couple days, it finally died down and I am for sure seeing a breakthrough.

I can sincerely say that after using this product every morning and evening and just sticking with each step, my skin is clearing up and becoming the skin I’ve always dreamed it to be. I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing my foundation less and less thick. In fact, I’ve been wearing concealer under my eyes (of course) and then just lightly dabbing my Too Faced Born This Way foundation on my face before buffing it all in with my foundation brush.

Am I going to take a No Makeup “Selfie” like Demi Lovato asks you to do to promote her product? Yes, BUT not yet. I feel like I am almost there, but not quite. I have faith I will be, especially since (as of late) I’ve been seeing the major changes for the better happening.

So, if you’re a male or female who are between the pimple years and wrinkle years, don’t have overtly oily skin or the most horrible acne, I would honestly recommend this product for you. I think Demi Lovato has done a wonderful job of actually being involved in the making of this product as well as using it herself. I also love her whole idea of self-love and wanting women of all ages to be more confident in themselves and in their skin. To me, that’s enough to get me to buy whatever you’re slinging, and Demi is serving an amazing product. I can’t wait to see how much better it gets from here.


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